Holiday Hours


                Following the orders and guidelines set out by the provincial and local health authority and through a high level of collaboration with organizations and associations within the recreation sector, the Society continues to work cautiously to maintain safe access to facilities and recreation services. Each recreation facility has its own site-specific safety plan that meets all requirements and guidelines from the provincial and regional health authorities and, WorkSafeBC. These plans are updated as needed and are available for review at Facility Safety Plans | Oliver Parks and Recreation ()

                At this time we are following the direction of the PHO to “pause” all group fitness programs including Tai Chi, Yoga, FunctionFit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) until further guidance for safe operation is provided and updates to program-specific safety plans are made. For more information about programs you have registered for please call 250-498-4985 or visit http://b8fg2gu.top/

                The Oliver Arena opened on Sept 28 for use by minor sport organizations such as South Okanagan Minor Hockey and South Okanagan Figure Skating. We have now put safety protocols and Attendants in place to welcome the public back to the facility for pre-registered Parent & Tot, Public Skating and adult rec hockey sessions as well as student classes from local schools. While those directly participating in skating and sport activities are able to use the arena, spectators and the general public are still prohibited from entering the building at this time. To view the public skating schedule please visit: Arena-2020.21-Schedule-and-Fees_Page_1.jpg (2200×1700) (). To get on the roster to attend a parent & tot, adult hockey or public skating session please register online http://b8fg2gu.top/ or call the Admin Office at 250-498-4895. Seasons passes are available.

                Face masks are now mandatory for entry into all recreation facilities and must be worn in all common areas including lobbies, hallways, washrooms, seating areas and entrances and exits. The OPRS Mask Safety Guideline is available for review here: Facility Safety Plans | Oliver Parks and Recreation ()

                Public Recreation Facilities that are OPEN:
                – Recreation Office Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30
                – Lion’s Park: Playground, Small Wheels Park, Off-leash Dog Park
                – Kinsmen Playground
                – Tots & Tykes Playground (Community Park)
                – Rotary Park & Playground
                – Tennis/Pickleball Courts
                – Community Weight Room (Membership holders only Mon-Fri 6am-8:30p, Sat/Sun 7am-1:30pm)
                – Meeting Rooms/Clubhouse for programs and user groups (15 person max) with safety plan**
                – Community Hall for programs, user group rentals (under 50 people) with safety plan in place**

                **At this time the PHO has directed that no indoor or outdoor gatherings are to be held until Dec 7 with the exception of formal business meetings and services such as weddings and funerals ( max. 6 people)

                Please visit our website https:// and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OliverParksandRecreation/ for regular updates to program and facility schedules.

                Winter Programs 2020

                Skating Programs

                Employment Opportunities

                To view the full job postings including employment terms and application deadlines please visit the Employment Opportunities Page

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